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1.Shane English Schools Ningbo (SESN) now has expanded to three campuses throughout the city, we are one of the oldest English schools in Ningbo, and have been working with Foreign teachers for 15 years.
2.SESN emphasizes teacher satisfaction and many teachers stay for a second or third year. Some stay longer. We offer opportunities for career advancement, with a clearly defined promotion system.
3.We pride ourselves on teacher development, we provide support in the form of a month of hands-on teacher training to all new teachers, led by a western academic manager. SESN offers ongoing teacher development through workshops, team teaching and a supportive environment.
4.Classes consist of students with similar levels of English proficiency, ranging in ages from 3-14. The maximum class size is 10, the typical class size is 8. Classes last between 60-90 minutes depending on the level being taught. You will always have a Chinese teaching assistant in the classroom with you, you are not expected to speak any Chinese in the classroom at all.
5. SESN has its own a Foreign Teacher Welfare Officer who is responsible for maximizing teachers’ quality of life, This is someone who can help you with all issues outside of school, such as finding an apartment and setting up a bank account.
6.SESN teachers have a very well-rounded experience in their time here. We encourage teachers to explore the local culture and to visit other parts of China and Asia. Teachers often travel during vacations.
7.Ningbo is a fantastic choice for someone starting their career in China, as a Tier 2 city evolving into a Tier 1 city, we have a lot of the advantages of both, Ningbo has great transport links, with an airport with frequent flights servicing lots of Asia. Ningbo is also a 90 minute train ride from Shanghai with it’s international airport. As a large city we have a fantastic variety of food on offer, both Chinese and foreign, with a large range of options. Ningbo also has a thriving expat community who run a variety of events ranging from sports, movie nights and, trips to local landmarks and historical sites, as well as amusement parks.

1. passport from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa
2. bachelor’s degree or better
3. 120-hour TEFL certificate or better
4. clear criminal background

1. The Teacher shall have 22 days of paid time off (which includes 11 national holidays) within a contractual year of 12 months.
2. The School shall purchase for the Teacher a one-way flight ticket (to the value of 5000 RMB) to Ningbo City, China.
3. Free hotel accommodation during the Teacher’s first week in China
4. Airport pick-up upon arrival in Ningbo for the first time
5. Assistance in finding suitable accommodation
The School provides with the Teacher practical assistance in finding a furnished and equipped apartment in Ningbo.
6. Interest-free loan
After the Teacher has been granted a Work Permit in Ningbo, the School provides an interest-free loan of up to 12,000 RMB for the Teacher to pay their initial startup costs (accommodation, SIM card and Internet service etc.).
7. Assistance in collecting and processing all documents necessary for applying for a work visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate, a work permit from the PRC’s Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and a residence permit from the Exit &
Entry Administration ofPublic Security Bureau.
8. The School shall cover all visa-related costs occurring after the Teacher’s arrival in China.
9. Health insurance
The School shall purchase a comprehensive health insurance program (at a cost of up to 1500 RMB per year) for the Teacher after he/she has successfully applied for a work permit in China.

Action Sports, Can Sing, English Teaching, Speaking

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